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Top Ten TE Rankings – Preseason – fantasy football 2014

Let’s preview my top ten TE rankings which is pivotal position for your fantasy team.

1. Jimmy Graham
Not much else to say here but Brees to Graham. All day. Every day. Drew will find the big man in the end zone, in open field, even if not in the open field.

2. Rob Gronkowski
If Gronk stays healthy Brady is going to feed him the ball like he is a grandma feeding her only grandchild. Gronk and Graham are the superstars and you can’t go wrong with either one.

3. Julius Thomas
I have a hard time with Thomas here. Peyton Manning has so many more options besides him. However Thomas will have some huge games and he could give you an easy 11 or 12 points per game. Manning likes to look for Julius inside the 20, 8 of 12 touchdown for Thomas came under these circumstances.

4. Jason Witten
Tony Romo to Jason Witten. How many times have you heard this? A lot. Witten might have the best hands in the game. With Scott Linehan as the new Offensive Coordinator the Cowboys are expected to throw even more than what they did last year. Witten will have 80-90 catches with 7-10 touchdowns. Solid numbers for a man that has been finishing top 5 in his position for years.

5. Vernon Davis

Davis is always a good option to have due to the fact Kapernick looks his way in the endzone. The touchdown ability is what you look for in TEs if you don’t have Thomas, Graham, or Gronk, Davis has that.

6. Jordan Cameron

The Browns have no one to throw to when Josh Gordan gets suspended. Cameron will be most likely end up with the most TDs on the team and most likely receptions too. I’d grab him if the opportunity arises and everyone in front of him is gone.

7. Kyle Rudolph

I am very high on Rudolph. Notre Dame knows how to make a TE and Minnesota new OC loves TEs. Look no farther than Rudolph this year as he is a sleeper that I see could be easy top 5 at the end of the year.

8. Jordan Reed

Reed had a few good games last year but he was the starter all year. This year I believe he will have a top ten season. He’s a guy I’d play matchups with but not much else.

9. Dennis Pitta

Many think Pitta will have a great year this year and well I think it’ll be decent. Obviously, in some matchups he will be favored but that’s all to me. He’s not consistent enough for me to put any higher.

10. Zach Ertz

This rookie will have a pretty good season. The Eagles lost their biggest weapon in Desean Jackson. Ertz will be thrown to a lot. He will easily beat the performances from previous Eagle TE Brent Celek. If I miss the guys above him I’m taking a chance. Even if I take him as the 7 or 8 TE off the board I’d be pretty happy.


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