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High Value Wide Receivers- Fantasy Football 2014

In most drafts, the default order of the players is based on the ADP, or average draft position, of that site.  This leads to many variations among the ADP of specific sites.  For example, so far this year, the ADP of Aaron Rodgers on yahoo fantasy is 20, while on espn it is nine.  Many autodrafts are based off of ADP as well, so if you evaluate the ADP for your specific site you will have a good idea of when the players will be drafted.  So, let’s say you really want Aaron Rodgers and are in an espn league, you should probably take him in the first round, while in a yahoo league, you would be better off waiting until the second.  You must remember that these are averages, though, so that is not to say that Aaron Rodgers can’t be taken in the first round in a yahoo league.

With ADP in mind, these are high value wide receivers, or receivers that are going later than they should.

1.  Terrance Williams

Average ADP: 90

After a good start, Williams ended last year terribly.  In his final six games, not once did he break 100 yards, and not once did he score a touchdown.  That will not be the case this year.  Now that Miles Austin is gone, Williams is the no. 2 receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.  Because of their terrible defense, they will find themselves in many shootouts, and will probably be passing the ball most of the time in most of their games.  Also, Dez Bryant being opposite him will leave him with a lot of single-coverage, as teams will have to focus more on Bryant.  Throw in the fact that they got a new offensive coordinator who likes to throw the ball in Scott Lineham, and everything is set for Williams to have a huge year.


2. Cecil Shorts

Average ADP: 126

Shorts is being taken, on average, after 9 defenses and 4 kickers.  Many people doubt him after a bad 2013, in which he recorded 777 yards and only 3 touchdowns.  But, he only played in 13 games, one of which he was injured in before he recorded a catch.  So while his stats weren’t stellar last year, he essentially played in 12 games while his team went through inconsistent quarterback play.  Shorts is still a no. 1 receiver, which for any team (no matter how bad) is guaranteed some targets.  He is also only in his fourth year, and don’t forget what he did in 2012 (979 yards and 7 touchdowns.)  If either Chad Henne or Blake Bortles can step their game up, then Shorts could have a big year.


3. DeAndre Hopkins

Average ADP: 127

Hopkins was a standout in training camp, and reports say he is impressive in practice, too.  He was the team’s top wideout while Andre Johnson was injured, so he got used to being with the first team.  Although Andre Johnson will be playing in the regular season, it will at least take the attention off of Hopkins.  The only risk is that he is on the Texans, which is why I would not go too high on him.  But if Hopkins is there in the later rounds, take him as your fourth receiver. is a member of the FantasyTeamAdvice family of networks.  Join one of the fastest growing fantasy sports communities on the web today – HERE



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  • Kyle Johnson

    Like Shorts this year. Terrific value with that pick