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Bishop Sankey Outlook

Average draft position (ADP) – 56

Summary-Draft Bishop Sankey in the late fifth or early sixth  round, if you have need at RB.

Today we take a look into the prospects of the first rookie coming off the board in this season’s mock drafts, Bishop Sankey. You will see this being argued throughout the pre-season, “Sankey is being taken too high!”; “This year’s (insert rookie RB bust here)”; “He will lead all rookie rushers!” For me (hopefully you as well) it comes down to what my team looks like at that point in the draft.

When should you draft Bishop Sankey?

Let’s say you are in a standard ten team league. You are up in the sixth round and your draft has gone close to the following. RB/QB in the first two, double WR to round out 3 and 4, and a RB in the fifth. If you did this or a slight variation, your team looks pretty good at this point. Top RB….check. One of the “big three” at QB…..check. Two solid, high upside WRs…..check. A solid number 2 RB……check??? If you wait until the fifth round to get your second RB (not saying it is a bad strategy) he is probably named, Frank Gore, CJ2K, Toby Gerhart, or Ben Tate. One, if not all, of those players could have a good season or at least good stretches. But; if one of the above is my number two RB, I don’t feel good about it, do you? At best I’m cautiously optimistic and as a result, I am willing to roll the dice on Sankey anywhere after the late fifth round. If you went RB early and often, it would probably be best to avoid the risk and round out your team at other positions. But if you are the gambling sort and/or have a need at RB, let’s look at the reasons why you should draft Sankey.

That takes care of when, how about why?

First, let’s get the cookie-cutter analysis out of the way, of course by that I mean, let’s bash on Shonn GreeneShonn Greene, a name those of us who foolishly drafted him in 2010, won’t soon forget. (moment of silence for our 2010 season) “Fool me once…..shame, shame on you. You fooled me, we can’t get fooled again!”-President George W. Bush. You can’t fool me into thinking you are a three down back Mr. Greene, you can’t!  And because I can’t get fooled again, I know someone not named Shonn Greene is going to get the majority of the work. Due to the lack of feature back ability or the twice operated on knee (two arthroscopic knee surgeries in less than a year), Shonn Greene will not be the highest scoring back for Tennessee, he may have some usable games, but he will burn you more than he will save you.  Thus, leaving a job open that produced a 1000 yard rusher (CJ2K) last season. Dexter McCluster, Leon Washington, and Antonio Andrews could stake their claim and it will be worth watching this pre-season, but it seems to be Bishop Sankey’s job to lose.

Speaking of this job, why should you want the guy who gets it on your team in the first place?

Me-“Well, it had a 1000 yard rusher on the team last season.”

Random troll- “The operative words being, last season…”

Well the random troll would be correct. It is a dangerous game to base the upcoming season solely on last season’s stats. But Tennessee made moves in the off-season, including additions to the offensive line and bringing in Ken Wisenhunt to coach. Wisenhunt has had success and failure with RBs in his offense. His success in Pittsburgh (04-06) didn’t follow him to Arizona (07-12). But it did catch up with him in San Diego last season, as the offensive coordinator. An offense that produced not one, but two, fantasy relevant RBs, Ryan Matthews and Danny Woodhead.

Skills: bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… fantasy owners only want players who have great skills.

Sankey’s elusiveness and ability to keep his feet around the line of scrimmage is amazing; his decisiveness to hit holes and make holes is what you like to see in a young RB. He shows the patience to wait for the play to develop and the instinct to go when the play breaks down. And when the play does break down, he has the gift to turn nothing, into something. The reason he makes those plays and fits through those holes (other than his patience and football IQ) is his initial burst. The speed does tamper off (4.49 40 at the combine) and never really kicks into top speed on the 2nd and 3rd level. This limits him on his big play potential, which he will still make from time to time.

Get on with it!

Overall; I like Sankey, I like his situation, I like his skills, I even like his name. “Bishop Sankey”, the headlines write themselves, “Bishop to End Zone 1”; “Bishop Puts the Jags in Check”. He should come off the board at the end of the fifth or early sixth, going to a team who needs a high upside running back. Or to anyone after the seventh round who is willing to take the chance. is a member of the FantasyTeamAdvice family of networks.  Join one of the fastest growing fantasy sports communities on the web today – HERE.”  

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